So the nostalgia came flooding back later on in the Friday of Download with Limp Bizkit, Korn and Faith No More. Nostalgia should surely have to stretch back beyond ten years shouldn’t it? Apparently not…

So everyone hated Limp Bizkit last time they were active, especially the Download Festival promoters, but hey, now that they’re a nostalgia act its okay to like them again… The crowd were certainly into it, despite Wes coming on stage looking like a bigger twat than ever. Fred Durst delivered the whole set without ever looking like he was being ironic, including the verses of Show Me What You Got which essentially just thanks everyone for helping them record their 1999 album. He maintained a straight face in that whilst calling aging-rockers Staind, a brand new drug for your veins, and I’m sure made a dog noise at one point in the performance.

Still, it was really important to find out that Durst has seen Fight Club twenty more times since he recorded Chocolate Starfish.

Faith No More = Back from the wilderness, Faith No More put on a set that pleased the fans. Everyone got what they wanted, plus a brief Lady GaGa cover and a funny cover of Reunited by Peaches & Herb to start. Wasn’t exactly my cup of tea.