Part three: Pendulum, Hardcore Superstar, Symphony Cult, Billy Boy on Poison

Symphony Cult bravely took to the second stage in front of a completely disinterested crowd early on day two. With their heavy riffage and soaring female vocals occasionally sounding like something out of the Lacuna Coil, Nightwish mould, they clearly have a fair bit of potential, but on this performance they don’t yet have the stage presence or polished songs to see that through.

No such problems for Hardcore Superstar who immediately followed them. Their quality of sing-a-long sleazey rock n’ roll was one the surprisingly brilliant performance of the day. And for worst lyrics of the weekend they probably pip Limp Bizkit to the post (I am what I am anyway, I don’t need a shit every day, Oh no I need another trip to the graveyard etc.), although as English isn’t their first language they are able to get away with it. A truly electrifying performance, rounded off in style by the anthemic We Don’t Celebrate Sundays, which between the crowd and the loudness of the PA, the sound on the video I took on my phone got completely buggered up.

The effeminate Billy Boy on Poison weren’t exactly standard Download Festival fare but got a polite response from the couple of hundred who watched them on the third stage.

Later on in the afternoon Pendulum confirmed their already stellar status as the dance act who can get hundreds of thousands of metalheads dancing like maniacs and threw in a bit of Master of Puppets for good measure. Shame that they only teased a bit of their mix of Voodoo People though.