Rock Sound reports that Welsh emo-‘legends’ Funeral For A Friend are to release a Greatest Hits album in September, containing their massive smash hits from 2002-2009.

Say what? The article states that they will also tour to support the album, i.e. it’s not just a hastily assembled album that their record company has put together to make a bit of extra money off of them. But seriously? Surely someone has made a mistake and it’s going to be called a ‘Best Of’ rather than ‘Greatest Hits’, even then, a seven year career with four albums is stretching the need for a compilation a bit isn’t it? It’s slightly reminiscent of their fellow countrywoman Charlotte Church ‘writing’ an autobiography at 15 years old – it will sell, but really guys, what’s the point?

Oh and another thing. If it is a ‘Best of’, why isn’t their fan favourite from the very early days Art of American Football going to be on it?