Well it wouldn’t be a new UK festival unless one of the main bands pulls out would it?

In a somewhat ironic turn of events, it would appear as though Limp Bizkit’s addition to the Sonisphere bill has caused Machine Head to drop out of the festival altogether.

In a statement on their website, Machine Head have announced that due to Limp Bizkit being given “their” third slot on the bill, they will no longer be playing the festival at all. They claim that they turned down Download 2009, where they would have been higher up the bill than the Bizkit, to commit to Sonisphere but now they can’t play third they are quitting.

Oh come on guys, you were already playing a festival headlined by Linkin Park, what’s the big difference? Their statement says that they “we felt a closer kinship to the bands performing this year.” I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are only talking about the bands on their day, because as they have left it they are suggesting that they feel a closer kinship to Linkin Park than Slipknot… (Maybe it’s the dodgy rapping?)

Sonisphere responded by stating that they had offered Machine Head more money and a higher slot on the second stage but that they were turned down. Oh, and that Machine Head are still happy enough to play at three other Sonisphere festivals in other countries.

So only the UK fans who already bought their tickets to see Machine Head will be let down. Brilliant.

The irony of it being blamed on Limp Bizkit’s appearance is of course because the last time Limp Bizkit were around the UK festival scene prior to 2009, they cancelled their headline appearance at the first ever Download back in 2003. It didn’t exactly damage Download’s reputation, time will tell about Sonisphere’s.

In other news, Thunder and Oceansize have been added to the bill. It will be Thunder’s last ever gig.