RIP Zero Cipher, some cracking moments over the years but they never quite made it into the big time.

Surrey’s best metal band (probably) in quite a long time came on to the scene with a DJ and scratched intros and solos just when Nu-Metal was kicking off yet they were more influenced by the likes of Earthtone9 than Limp Bizkit et al.

I saw them on the same bill as Skindred and Sugarcoma at London’s Subterranea in August 2002. It still stands out as a pretty good gig and a pretty good performance by the band.

I believe they released two demos and two full lengths, but I have to admit I stopped following them once bassist/vocalist Will Pain left the band and they changed their style a bit.

Last September from their second demo still stands as one of my favourite songs from that year, and if you can find their cover of Gay Bar check it out because it’s awesome. for more.