Squatney Steel is delighted to be backing the campaign.

Set up by some bright sparks on Facebook the campaign to get RATM to Christmas number one instead of the usual pre-packaged X Factor shite. The group now has 604,001 members who are “fed up of The X-Factor’s latest karaoke act being Christmas No.1.”

If every one of those bought ‘Killing in the Name of’ next week then it would make number one and would take internet campaigning (or alternative marketing) into a whole new stratosphere. Members of the group were earlier suggesting that everyone should buy the song three times each.

But probably most of the people in the group have just clicked on it and won’t bother to actually buy one at all and just joined on Facebook.

Well if that sounds like you here is an inspirational video to talk you out of that mindset:


Join the facebook group here.

Don’t forget to buy the song from Monday. That’s when the chart begins to be compiled.

UPDATE: Christmas Number One 2009!