Two of Squatney Steel’s favourites are back with new songs from forthcoming albums. gave us the heads up on these.

Head over to veteran Israeli metallers Orphaned Land’s myspace to hear new track ‘Sapari’ from their forthcoming fourth album, the un-catchily titled The Neverending Way of ORWarrior.

Head over to legendary Swedish death metal pioneers’ Dark Tranquillity’s myspace for their new song ‘Dream Oblivion’ from upcoming ninth album We Are the Void.

Neither track deviates too far from either bands tried and tested formulae. Although neither did the tracks that DT made available from Fiction, and then on the album they surprised you with songs like The Magic and the Mundane.

It is interesting to see that Orphaned Land’s myspace claims that their music is bringing peace to the middle east, and also features Kobi Farhi dressed as Jesus complete with a crown of thorns. Is that in bad taste or an attempt to show unity?

The Neverending Way of OrWarrior is out in Europe on January 25th.

We are the Void
is out in Europe on March 1st.

UPDATE 22/12/09: Second track Va’yehi OR posted on Orphaned Land’s myspace.