Three top underground bands ripped it up in Camden.

Anger Management
Blurry photo of Anger Management courtesy of GmcB

Unfortunately I missed openers Diminshed Fifth due to being a bit late, but the heaviness of Pure Negative was a good way to kick things off after that, in what is a really good little metal pub.

It was the London band’s final gig with vocalist Tom Hennessy and he signed off in style, passionately screaming his way through the brief set. The group, which includes former members of Labrat and Ted Maul, slow down their riffage to extremely slow speeds at times before turning on a sixpence into fast paced death metalish sounds. Top stuff.

Out-of-towners Internal Conflict came next in what was probably the show stealing performance of the night. Although the size of the crowd dwindled for them, all those who remained were well and truly won over by the Leicester group. Starting off sounding a little Lamb of God-esque, their Swedish thrash influences soon came to the fore and their half hour drew to a close with a really intense number that had an echo of The Haunted’s My Shadow about it.

Headliners Anger Management had a couple of tough acts to follow, but didn’t seem phased by that as they tore into a set that was really really intense. The lead guitarist used a Dimebag Darrell signature guitar and his solos were obviously influenced by the Pantera guitarist even if the overall sound of the band other than that was much more death metal. They definitely won the prize for most eye catching drummer too.

Overall a really good gig, which I am still a little bit deaf as a result of.