Anyone remember Subteranea in Ladbroke Grove?

Subteranea, Acklam Road, Ladbroke Grove / Notting Hill, which hosted the likes of Sikth, Funeral for a Friend, Skindred, Labrat and many others in the early noughties, and the likes of Joy Division and the Butthole Surfers in a previous era, has become an exotic £50-a-head restaurant.

It is now called Supperclub, a place where:

guests recline on beds like pashas, nibbling on divine sweetmeats while beautiful young people entertain them with exotic performance art and cutting-edge cabaret.

according to The Independent.

There is a picture of the whole layout of the place in Stella in The Sunday Telegraph (07/02/10) and funnily enough apart from changing the colour scheme and the furniture, it doesn’t look a whole lot different to how it did when it was full of horny teenagers moshing to Eden Maine et al.

It looks like it may even be using the same projector that was once used for the monthly Subverse clubs there to project it’s arty stuff on the wall.

The Supperclub didn’t get a particularly good review in either the Indie or the Telegraph, but if you want to go and have a look at it for yourself its website can be found at