Well… which of the big summer hard rock festivals is the best? Download or Sonisphere?

When Squatney Steel asked this question as a preview last year, Download was the clear choice IMO beforehand – it was probably better value for money, lasted longer and had bands that hadn’t played the UK for years.

This year things seem to be different: Sonisphere has the likes of Iron Maiden, Slayer, Rammstein and Anthrax to keep all the proper metallers happy, whereas Download‘s announcements so far have been more classic rock based including Aerosmith, ACDC and Wolfmother (and, of course, RATM). Although the UK has still probably just about seen the Download headliners less in recent years than the Sonisphere ones.

Soni has also been extended to the Friday night, although it is only offering 3 night camping, unlike the 5 with 3 full days of music at Download.

Despite my doubts about the Knebworth festival last year, it was generally regarded as being a good weekend by those who were there.

A lot of people also prefer Sonisphere’s method of not putting on two bands at the same time, so that people don’t have to miss one they really like to see another e.g. Slipknot on at the same time as Prodigy and Motley Crue at the same time as Faith No More at Download last year.

Although this week Soni managed to piss off a lot of punters by making them wait til midnight on Tuesday morning for the announcement of some under-card acts which included Madina Lake and Fightstar (ok, Gallows and Skunk Anansie were the big ones). This led to comments on their facebook page which were generally of the sentiment of one poster who said: “Shockingly bad announcement, utter shite.”

So which one is going to be better this year?? Donnington’s 30th anniversary special or Sonisphere’s sophomore? Is it still too early to judge? Which was better last year? Which one are you going to? – Have your say below.

—by Fassmeister777