Aka when pop meets metalcore meets nu-metal.

You sort of know what to expect from Seattle’s Christian metalcore act Demon Hunter on their fifth album. The only semi-departure from the norm is on random and short second track ‘LifeWar’ when the short bursts of screaming and guitars briefly takes you back to the early 00s nu-metal era. I actually had to check I wasn’t listening to American Head Charge.

The album features three guest singers: Soilwork’s Speed, ex-Scar Symmetry singer Christian Älvestam and Throwdown’s Dave Peters. Given that the obvious influences of those singers and their styles on the band, it is no surprise that the output is nothing revolutionary.

All in all the album is fairly average, if you liked the last four you’ll like this one. The stand out tracks are probably ‘Tie This Around Your Neck’, the title track and ‘Just Breathe’ (feat. Christian Älvestam). There’s enough poppy choruses to keep you interested, but it certainly won’t make Squatney Steel’s top 10 of the year – unless the music industry collapses before then (and we’ll all be praying with Demon Hunter that it doesn’t).

Rating: 2.3 out of 5.

Demon Hunter – The World is a Thorn is out now on Solid State Records.