Public vote for support acts…

UPDATE: Rage Factor review here.

(Update: Check out who my three logical picks, with reasons, are here)

Just when everyone was starting to accept it as a fact that Cypress Hill and Gallows would be supporting RATM at Finsbury Park at their Christmas Number 1 victory show, it seems that there is no decision yet on who it’ll actually be.

Continuing the X Factor-style theme promoters Festival Republic have just emailed round a request for punters who have tickets to vote for their favourite bands (see screenshot above). It says that:

If available, the band with the most votes will have the opportunity to play at The Rage Factor on Sunday 6th June 2010 in Finsbury Park.

It doesn’t exactly sound conclusive, but it’s free and adds some more excitement to what must be the most hyped gig of the year.

I wonder who’ll get it? (and I wonder if we’ll actually hear who got the most votes or if they’ll quietly forget about this later?)

Gallows must still be in with a good shout, but with a public vote would someone more mainstream get it?