As voted for by readers of, the best real metal reference site on the net, the winner of the coveted title was… Rust in Peace by Megadeth.

Admittedly it was a slight surprise, with myself and the commenter on the last post about this thinking that Master of Puppets or Reign In Blood would storm to victory.

You couldn’t really call it a shock though, as RiP only narrowly pipped both RiB and MoP to the title, and RiP is a fantastic album.

Perhaps the fact that Megadeth are currently playing the entire album on a 20th anniversary Rust In Peace tour across the USA was the decisive factor in the end.

As expected the popular underground bands like Dark Tranquillity, Mastodon and In Flames were trounced in the early rounds, whilst the big names went far.

You can still view the tournament bracket here, although they’ve annoyingly removed the percentage of the vote that each album got.