’s pick for RATM’s Rage Factor support bands.

UPDATE: Rage Factor review here.

Rage Factor Email

As reported last week here, Festival Republic are asking people to vote for their favourite bands and “if available they are available” they will “get the opportunity” to support Rage Against The Machine at their victory gig in Finsbury Park on June 6th.

So who should we pick to support?

Well for starters, no band bigger than Rage will support them at a free gig.

That means no band who can sell out Wembley Stadium (Metallica, Muse) will be supporting them, as some people on Facebook groups have been suggesting. It’s nice to have a dream, but that one’s not coming true.

The idea that some people have of picking a band who have similar political views or a similar attitude or who supported the campaign to get RATM to Christmas number one is pretty good.

However, I guarantee that left-leaning System of a Down will not re-form to play for 45 minutes at Finsbury Park. When (if) they re-form it will be huge, and they will draw a massive crowd of their own, and they’ll play a longer set than a support act gets.

But SOAD singer Serj Tankian is touring Europe this summer and has a gap in his schedule on the 6th June, so I’d say he’s a good pick. (And he’s playing with an orchestra which would be fantastic).

The Prodigy were big supporters of the campaign, are fairly local, very popular and have no gig scheduled for the 6th of June so they would be awesome.

And my final pick is going to be Gallows. They aren’t renowned for particular political views, but they have a punk attitude that has gotten them dropped by Warner Bros. records yet enhanced their popularity. They are already supporting RATM on several of their summer dates, and they appear to be free on June 6th. And they apparently put on a fantastic live show.