Is this the worst festival gimmick ever?

Apparently it’s been going for 8 years, but Metal Female Voices Festival is a two-day(!) festival held in Belgium in October which only features (you’ve probably guessed by now) metal acts with female singers.

I am astounded that it’s managed to last 8 years tbh and still have a fresh line-up each year, so well done to the organisers – after all London Metalfest could only manage three years.

This year’s headliners Arch Enemy are awesome, and I have a friend who claims to have worked with ex-Cradle of Filth singer Sarah Jezebel Diva in Sainsbury’s and says she’s cool, but seriously how old must the female-only gimmick get after a couple of bands?

I’m not knocking the female vocalist thing completely, but there are a lot of decent festivals out there where you can see bands featuring both male and female vocalists on the same bill, so surely they are worth your time more…

More information about Metal Female Voices here.

Also if female vocals are your thing check out this cover of Megadeth’s Tornado of Souls I posted about a couple of weeks ago.