I don’t generally get behind facebook campaigns on this blog. I did back RATM for Xmas Number One, but I’m just as likely to say that Facebook campaign groups are a bad idea.

But the idea of local heroes Iron Maiden opening the London Olympic games is too much of a good idea to dismiss out of hand.

I live near to where the 2012 Olympics will take place and this is about the only thing that would get me excited about all the noise, disruption and council tax/house price inflation that the Games are bringing to town.

Don’t take my personal gripes as any kind of reason to join the group though: The Guardian has outlined the reasons pretty well, and surely anyone reading this prefers Iron Maiden to Leona bleeding Lewis?

Just imagine someone of the quality and legendary status of Maiden opening the Olympic games? Brilliant.

Join the Facebook group here. It wants to reach one million members and so far has a respectable 70,000ish.