There’s a UK general election on the way, and if anyone’s feeling like they should know a bit more about what’s going on here’s a few pieces of basic information for you, with a few metal songs thrown in:

(Contains The Haunted, Megadeth and glamour models).

This guide features links to pages for more information and also to videos on Youtube of songs which are (somewhat) related to the issue.

On May 6th you get to vote for your MP and the party with the most MPs becomes the next Government. You need register in order to be able to vote.

Why bother voting? Well because whether you like it or not someone is going to win the election and become the government. As The Haunted’s Peter Dolving (sort of) said: “If you give up the fight your right, who will decide?”

Despite the party leaders being on the TV debates, you vote for your local MP who represents your local constituency (the area where you live).

MPs also represent the people in constituencies by chasing up local issues for them if they are contacted about them.

Many areas will also have local elections on the same day as the general election. These are for local councils who deal with issues closer to home such as libraries, waste collection etc.

A big issue at this election will be the issue of trust in MPs following the expenses scandals of last year. The next edition of this guide will be dealing with the issues which might help you decide who to vote for. In the meantime why not enjoy Megadeth’s kick-ass song ‘Trust’ on Youtube.

If you want to know a bit more about the basics, try the BBC’s highbrow ‘Glamour Model’s Guide to Voting‘ video here.

The author has five qualifications relating to the field of politics… and yet still blogs about metal…