There’s a UK general election on the way, and if anyone’s feeling like they should know a bit more about what’s going on here’s a few pieces of basic information about some of the issues being campaigned on:

(Also contains Papa Roach, Napalm Death, Sylosis, Doug Pinnick, and help deciding who to vote for)

This guide features links to pages for more information and also to videos on Youtube of songs which are (somewhat) related to the issue.

The Conservatives have tried to make a theme of this election the family. They claim we need tax breaks to keep married couples together. This is either for the good of society or to prevent the recording of songs such as: Papa Roach – Broken Home

Labour say that the government shouldn’t be involved in such matters.

The economy is obviously a big issue in this election. We have are apparently coming out of one of the worst recessions since the 1930s. The main three parties all say that cuts to Government spending need to be made and that some taxes will need to go up.

Labour want to increase national insurance, The Conservatives say they wouldn’t but have been accused of hiding a plan to put up VAT instead. The Lib Dems would tax the wealthiest a bit more, and scrap winter fuel payments for people under 65. Whoever wins The Taxman (Doug Pinnick song) is going to be busier.

Nazi Punks Fuck Off screams Barney Greenway on Napalm Death’s cover of the Dead Kennedy’s song of the same name. Concern over immigration seems to be fuelling support for the BNP in one or two areas. Their opponents accuse them of being neo-Nazis, the party having been founded by ex-members of the openly Nazi National Front. UKIP want to stop immigration for 5 years.

So when did we think that the world owes us any more than we deserve? sang Jamie Graham on Sylosis’ awesome Withered. The environment is an issue which has hardly been mentioned so far in the media, but all parties continue to have policies about it. None more so than The Green Party (duh), who have realistic hopes of winning in one area.

To see which party’s policies you agree with the most try out this website:

And finally, this is truly the most ridiculous facebook group of all time: We got Rage Against the Machine to Number #1 we can get the LibDems into office. (500,000 copies of RATM’s single were sold and, even if you ignore the fact that many people bought the single multiple times, you need about 20 times that number of votes to win the general election… Not to mention RATM’s beliefs are clearly pretty different to the LibDems’.)

Part one of the Heavy Metal Guide to the General Election.