The legendary frontman of The Haunted, Mary Beats Jane and BringTheWarHome talks about supporting Slayer, The Haunted’s new album and how he thinks metal sucks…

Peter Dolving
Picture © Olle Carlsson ( Used with permission.

The first time I saw you live, The Haunted were supporting Funeral For a Friend at the London Forum (and you spat in the face of a friend of my friend who was up against the barrier waiting to see Funeral, which is now a legendary story among some people I know), now you’re about to support Slayer for two nights at the same venue. Are you excited to be supporting Slayer? Who the hell put you on the same bill as Funeral for a Friend?

Hahaha, oh shit. Spat on your friend huh? Well that sounds like me. I hope he enjoyed it, I’m sure I did. No offence, what happens once we’re on stage is kind of random. I’m not really me anymore up there, I’m that other guy… It’s kinda fucked up too, cause I have to take all the consequences, physical pain etc. that HE is responsible for. It’s a fun and REALLY fucked up persona and I have very little control once it kicks in.

About Slayer; Yes, it’s pretty cool being asked by the band that really has meant more to us as a group than any other, to come along and open for them. If I was 10 years younger I’d shit myself. Now I feel like: Damn straight, we’re the only band that can actually support Slayer and do it with honor and not come off as punkbitches.

About Funeral For Friend; They wanted us to come along, because we had meant so much to them as a band, and hey, we aren’t dudes who are going to be all elitist about what we do, we love playing and we believe there are people out there who love metal that don’t even know it cause they’ve never been exposed to it, so we thought it was great.

Is there a new The Haunted album on the way? What can we expect from it? When can we expect it?

The next The Haunted album is in the making as you are reading this. We have around 40 songs right now, got the Mothership set up at my house in bumfuck nowhere rural reality with nothing to disturb us but… um, nothing but maybe cows. It’s gong to be epic. Danceable. Groovy. And very very arty farty metal. With this next record we are going to be taking a piss in the general direction of all the crappy 99.9 percent of generic contemporary Mr. Goatse jerks out there. Would someone just smack these tattooed dicks with their groovy metrosexual hair and neo-capitalist/fake nihilist bullshit. Christ, get a job! Go away! A haircut does not make a fucking revolution mkay? Sure, a good song doesn’t either but at least it’ll get you laid.

The Haunted has influenced everyone from Bring Me The Horizon to Demon Hunter and a zillion other bands and genres in between. Which new bands excite you the most? Ones where you can hear The Haunted’s influence or ones which are trying something completely new?

We Live In Trenches album “Modern Hex”. It is truly great. Also Lewd Acts, and yes, I can’t help myself, I like Gallows. Metal in general sucks. SUCKS! Really. Sorry bout that…

You are a member of The Haunted, BringTheWarHome, and you produce loads of art and designs, how difficult is it to find the time for all of your different creative projects? Which projects are you mainly focusing on at the moment?

I am insane. And that makes it all so much easier. I don’t set short deadlines, I work slowly and very carefully, pretty much on everything at once. I don’t have what other people call a life. I work. It’s what I do. Oh, and I’m a pretty good single dad too. Every once in a while I call someone who digs what I dig for some really intense sex, but mostly I live my life in a “Do”-mode.

Will there ever be any more music from Mary Beats Jane? Or The Peter Dolving Band?

MBJ is dead. PDB has transmorphed into BringTheWarHome which seems to be morphing into “O” and it will continue like that. It’s a motion. Like everything else in life. Go with the flow of the river, I mean really, why the hell waste my energy on trying to make happen what doesn’t want to happen?

Will you be in The Haunted indefinitely or would you again like to move on to focus your time on something else in the future?

I have not got a clue what will happen in the future, I don’t even think further than 6 months at a time, unless of course it’s tour plans and working out the schedule for when I have my kids or they’re with their mom.

The Haunted will be supporting Slayer on their forthcoming European tour, and are also playing a couple of headline dates of their own.

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