A cracking showcase of The Haunted during a blistering live set.

Image © The-Haunted.com. Used with permission.

Road Kill is both the second DVD and second live album release from Gothenburg’s The Haunted. This is only a review of the live album though, as I haven’t seen the DVD yet. Massive fail.

Anyway, the most notable thing about this album is that even songs which may be slightly below par from their most recent releases seem to have a different lease of life here. Tracks such as Trenches and Faultline slot into the set perfectly alongside classics like 99 and Bury Your Dead.

The energy of the performance, which took place in Amsterdam, is captured pretty well on the audio recording, a feat that some band’s live albums (e.g The Tokyo Showdown) can’t get right. And it’s all the more impressive as bassist Jonas Bjorler apparently had food poisoning that night.

It’s the first live album to feature Peter Dolving on vocals, and so I believe it’s the first time songs like Trespass and DOA have been recorded by him. If you’ve ever seen the band live you’d know that he does a great job singing Marco Aro’s songs anyway.

It also features a couple of the vocalist’s funny ranting/stories, the likes of which he told MuchMoreMetal a couple of weeks ago.

Thankfully the set live set doesn’t finish with My Shadow, which was a pretty disappointing conclusion the last time I saw them live in the flesh. Instead the album adds a few unreleased studio tracks onto the end.

Presumably unused cuts from the Versus sessions, the songs are pretty run-of-the-mill but worth a listen if you’re a fan of the group. Infernalis Mundi is a strange, and slightly pointless, ending though.

(And there will be plenty of cuts like that available for future albums according to what Dolving told MuchMoreMetal about their forthcoming album).

All in all a good album for Haunted fans, and probably a pretty good introduction to the band for the uninitiated.

Listening to it has really got me in the mood for seeing them live this summer.

Rating: 3.7 out of 5.

The Haunted – Road Kill DVD/CD, or just CD, are out now on Century Media records.

UPDATE: Review of The Haunted’s incredible gig at Hatfield, Hertfordshire on June 1 2010 is HERE.