AKA the great 2010 festival swindle?

Tickets for this year’s Download Festival went on sale in late January, with a few bands announced that week – ACDC, Them Crooked Vultures, Megadeth and a couple others – and the impression that this year’s festival would be as big as any other’s.

A few weeks later the other headliners were announced and constantly fans – such as those who have shelled out £180 (plus booking fee) for weekend camping tickets – have been promised “many more to be announced”.

In the time since there have been regular announcements but with one thing seemingly becoming apparent: instead of the 8 or 9 bands on the Friday main and second stages (as has been the norm since 2005) we appear to have just 3 main and 5 second stage bands.

Despite constant questions on forums and elsewhere there was a silence on this issue from the organisers for weeks. Then festival organiser Andy Copping said in an interview with Metal Hammer, that ACDC’s production is so large that “There are certain concessions that we’ve had to make that I’ve made a judgement on and I believe it’s the right thing to do.”

That’s nice of you Andy, making a judgement on possibly reducing the number of acts, and not mentioning this to your punters so that they shell out inflated prices with the wrong impression about the lineup during such an economically difficult time for everyone.

And of course there’s no advertised way of getting a refund if you were expecting a full slate of bands that day.

In the same interview Copping did state that things weren’t completely finalised for the Friday, and Taylor Hawkins’ band have self-confirmed for the day, so perhaps the organisers are waking up to the fact that festival goers might be a little annoyed at being short-changed.

Let’s hope so, because at the moment it seems that the answer to my March question about which festival is going to be better seems to be Sonisphere.

Muchmoremetal will be bringing you reviews of the Download Festival this June, and is hoping it will be worth it.