Slipknot bassist passes away aged 38.

Slipknot founder member Paul Gray died on Monday, apparently from natural causes although tests are still to be carried out on his body.

You can read the story of his life (and death) at The Guardian, and the BBC.

One of the only founder members to remain in the band since 1995 (with Joey Jordison and Shawn Crahan), it is not yet clear exactly what the group’s plans for the future are.

The other eight band members (and Gray’s wife) gave an emotional press conference about their band-mate and friend on Tuesday which can be viewed here.

Slipknot’s last performance in the UK with Gray was at the Download Festival last year. See here for my review of that amazing gig which

“confirmed their status as one of the top metal bands in the world, one of few bands from a younger generation than Iron Maiden, Metallica et al. who could really step up to the plate and put on a great show at the top of the bill at Donington.”

Rest in peace Paul Gray, April 8 1972 – May 24 2010.