If you like The Haunted, live in London and didn’t bother to make the 25 minute trip from Kings Cross to Hatfield begin kicking yourself now…

Actually if you live anywhere in eastern England and didn’t bother to see one of The Haunted’s two headline shows on off-nights from their tour supporting Slayer please kick yourself. Hard.

Or maybe wait til you’ve finished reading this.

No more than 40-50 people bothered to show up for the Swedish thrash legend’s gig at the University of Hertfordshire’s ‘The Attic’ venue.

It would have been easy for the band to have seen the tiny audience and to have just gone through the motions without really trying too hard, but this wasn’t the case.

The group put on a great performance, belting out a set that was quite different from the one on Road Kill, yet still included all the classics like DOA, 99 and Bury Your Dead.

The band took the tiny turnout in good spirits, making jokes about it, with Peter Dolving telling his usual trademark funny stories too (including one about English carpets).

But the highlights really began towards the end of the night when guitarist Jensen offered an audience member the chance to take over on guitar from him, and to choose the song.

The lucky fella chose Hollow Ground, and when Dolving claimed he couldn’t remember how to sing it, he gave another audience member the chance to do the vocals.

That fan turned out to be Harley Anderson from Internal Conflict (whose gig in January was featured on Muchmoremetal here).

After this Jensen took back over on guitar and invited all the crowd to come up on stage with the band. Anderson and Dolving duetted on the vocals to closer Bury Your Dead.

And if that wasn’t all, when that finished all the band hung out with the audience, signing autographs, posing for photos and chatting like the true gents that they are.

Okay, you can kick yourself now.

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A few photos from the gig are here.