Back in 2008 Jon Morter used Facebook in an attempt to get Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up to Number One in the charts…

It’s stating the obvious to say that had Mr. Morter succeeded in his original plan of stopping one manufactured pop twerp getting to Xmas number one by using a different manufactured pop twerp, there would have been no massive donation to Shelter yesterday, no plaudits for Mr. & Mrs. Morter, no massive free party in London and not much fame for the man himself.

Thank the Lord that he failed in the 2008 attempt, chose a decent song for 2009, and 40,000 people got to witness a tremendous gig as a result.

Muchmoremetal was there supporting the campaign at the start, reporting the result straight away, giving you all the latest on the support situation, and so of course was on hand for the event itself.

Gallows opened with The Sex Pistols’ God Save The Queen, and their penultimate track was The Clash’s I Fought the Law, but it was their own material like In The Belly of a Shark, London is the Reason and Abandon Ship that caused the assembled to go completely ape in the moshpit.

They were a tremendous opener, but the adrenaline caused by their performance was pretty much left to evaporate (for rock fans at least) due to the next two acts (although I didn’t see enough of Roots Manuva to judge him properly).

I have now unintentionally seen Gogol Bordello three times so they must be doing something right to keep getting themselves put onto the line-up at massive gigs.

It may be that they are one of the most energetic bands you’ll see on stage, or it may just be the old violinist who looks like Tony Robinson as Baldrick. Nonetheless, apart from Start Wearing Purple, what they actually play on stage is pretty forgettable.

Simon Cowell introduced Rage Against the Machine onto the stage. Well it wasn’t actually the X-Factor mogul, it was a cartoon mockery, which set the mood perfectly as the 40,000 assembled made clear exactly what they thought of him.

Emerging to Testify and following that up with all their classics, dropping Know Your Enemy in pretty early, and including a cover of The Clash’s White Riot, the Los Angeles legends seemed determined to put on a great show to thank their fans for buying Killing in the Name.

They also did a really decent thing and presented a cheque to Jon Morter to give to Shelter which they said was the sum total of all their profits made from the sales of the single last year.

Before their encore of Killing in the Name, another video played, outlining the chart battle for Christmas Number One, reminding everyone of the sheer achievement of the campaign.

Although at times earlier in the day it felt like your standard corporate festival (£7 burgers, flooded outdoor urinal areas, only Carling at the bar), RATM did their best to remind everyone why they were there, and to remind the fans that they had achieved the unthinkable in breaking up the X-Factor monopoly on the Christmas Number One.

It was a huge achievement, matched by an awesome gig.