Review Part #2: The Metal.

Given that Killswitch Engage weren’t even supposed to have been performing at the festival this year, I would say that the organisers got lucky that Wolfmother had to pull out of their Friday afternoon slot because the Massachusetts metalcore pioneers were one of the most popular bands of the weekend.

Back for the second year in a row, they looked like they were having as great a time as the fans, and the great reaction to classics like Fixation on the Darkness, My Last Serenade and The End of Heartache was raucous, but nothing compared to the overwhelming “Dio, Dio” chanting and heart-felt singing that their version of Holy Diver induced.

Megadeth were in the same time-slot on the Saturday and treated fans to a condensed version of the Rust in Peace set they had been touring in the US recently.

Mustaine and co. (including the recently returned Dave Ellefson) also added in a whole host of fan favourites from their extensive back catalogue like In My Darkest Hour, Peace Sells and Trust.

Despite the quality of the sound being quite poor during Dialectic Chaos, Poison Was The Cure, and at other times (at least from inside the pit), it was still an awesome Megadeth performance, made slightly better by the fact that for once they weren’t performing on an otherwise terrible day (e.g. when Feeder were headlining in 2005, and My Chemical Romance in 2007).

Pulling out all the stops to battle against the torrential rain on the main metal slot on Sunday were Motorhead.

Fire eating dancing girls, an awesome drum solo, drum sticks flying through the air, a guest guitar spot from Slash (returning the earlier favour), Killed By Death, Overkill and (of course) The Ace of Spades made the soggy fans a little bit warmer.

36 Crazyfists have a couple of crowd pleasing anthems like Slit Wrist Theory and Bloodwork, which is why it’s a shame that most of the rest of their set was extremely one-dimensional.

It was a travesty that 3 Inches of Blood were only given 25 minutes on Sunday morning to try to impress the crowd on the second stage, because they were bloody good. Given how briefly they were there, being able to produce a couple of circle pits was quite an achievement.