Orphaned Land played in London for the first time ever on Sunday. There’s not going to be a full review of it, but it was well worth going to.

Here is a selection of photos from the show:

Kobi Farhi.

Yossi ‘Sassi’ Sa’aron.

Belly dancer.

“Most of our songs are quite hardcore because living in the Middle East is pretty hardcore.” – Line of the night.

(Mentioning the football score was the worst line of the night by the way.)

Matan Shmuely.

Check out our interview with Orphaned Land’s Matti Svatizky here.

If you have any pictures from the gig that you want to share with the world (you’ll get credit for it) email them to muchmoremetaldotcom[at]googlemail.com.

For more live pictures from that gig see here.