In the first of a (crappy) new occasional series on this site I bring you news of metalheads found in the most unlikely places.

As Lemmy once said, rock n’ roll is rebellion for rebellion’s sake. It’s a two-fingered salute to convention, “Fuck you I won’t do whatcha tell me,” being not just a refrain from a RATM song, but encompassing what so much of the spirit of the metal is about.

The Conservative Party meanwhile “is the natural party of government”, whose philosophy of only supporting gradual changes and favouring the status quo where possible was summed up by Edmund Burke in the 18th century.

Therefore Mike Weatherley, new Conservative MP for Hove, wins the dubious honour of becoming the first ‘unlikely metalhead of the month’ for his pledge to be the first MP to wear an Iron Maiden t-shirt in the House of Commons (see last paragraph on the link if you don’t believe it).

Exactly why he pledged to do it remains a mystery, but his local newspaper biography says he regularly attends metal concerts all over the country.

So are we entering, erm, a Brave New World, where there’ll be No More Lies at Westminster, or would that just be in our Wildest Dreams? Is it actually true that the Iron Maiden’s gonna get all of you, even those climbing the greasy pole? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).