Continuing the run down of bands that played over the weekend:

Anthrax: 4/5. Classic sing-a-long anthems and metal thrashing tunes.

Rammstein: 4.4/5. This is how you put on a show. Great delivery of the songs and one hell of a stage show made this the best performance of the weekend.

Skindred: 4.2/5. Benji Webbe and co. won literally everyone who didn’t know them over with this performance, and those who’d seen them before got what they knew from the band. Their ascent up festival running orders shows no sign of stopping.

Slayer: 4.35/5. So heavy without needing death growls or double bass kicks. So good.

Alice in Chains:
3.5/5. “Wow you guys are pretty quiet for a rock show.” Er, maybe that what your fault dudes? Still, you can’t beat a bit of a sing-song to Man in the Box.

Pendulum: 3.75/5. Shock guest vocalist of the weekend award goes to these guys for bringing out Anders Friden of In Flames on Self Vs. Self. I would have given them a higher rating, but dance music live just doesn’t capture me in the same way as metal does.

Iron Maiden: 4.15/5. “The audiences have doubled in the last 10 years so people must enjoy the albums we’ve released since then the most.” Or Bruce, they enjoy the fact that you came back into the band around then and enjoy hearing you sing the entire back catalogue, especially the old stuff. Nevermind, an Iron Maiden set which is half-full of their less-popular songs was still better than most bands in the world can pull off with all their best material. 55,000 people were enraptured by this top finish to a top festival.

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