recently caught up with the man who restored the nation’s faith in Christmas and helped give us an awesome summer gig in the process, the man behind the Rage Factor campaign, Mr. Jon Morter.

RATM to number one, BBC 6 Music saved, the LibDems in office, which campaign are you going to lend your midas touch to next?

Haha! Well strictly speaking I just gave a bit of advice on the LibDems campaign but the group grew pretty big didn’t it? I was asked to help the Rolling Stones to get their re-released Exile on Main St to chart, and that went to No.1 in the album chart which was fantastic to see. I wasn’t going to do any more ‘chart’ type campaigns but you don’t turn down the Rolling Stones do you? To be honest I have no idea if I’ll get involved in any further campaigns as such. Both the RATM and BBC6 campaigns were started because I was pissed of about something, so all I’d say is to watch this space!

Do you plan to back another song for this year’s Christmas Number #1?

At the time of writing no! There’s hundreds of campaigns already trying to do the same thing and besides that I cannot see how the whole Rage thing can be topped.

What was it like being brought out on stage at the Rage Factor gig (and being at Download?)? What’s it like having met the band and all the other rock n’ roll people you’ve come across the campaign began?

Going on stage at Finsbury Park was crazy! Not only to watch one of the greatest bands on the planet from just yards away, but being brought out in front of 40,000 Ragers was quite surreal. Because of the spotlights I could only really see the first few rows of people. The rest was just a wall of noise…incredible.

Donington a week later was another chance to watch Rage from the stage. It was an amazing sight to see the entire crowd go mad to the classics. Brilliant stuff.

Meeting the band was a brilliant experience. They really were the nicest bunch of guys to meet. We sat down with them and ate a curry! We chatted about the Sex Pistols on Bill Grundy, Shelter, Iron Maiden, and music in general. Going on to chat to their families and be given a ‘lifetime pass’ to any Rage gig!

The whole experience even gave us the opportunity to meet many of the top names in rock: Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Joe Elliott (Def Leppard), Benji Webbe (Skindred), Luke Morley (Thunder/The Union), Lacuna Coil, Anthrax, FFDP, Airbourne, Zakk Wylde, and we had a beer with Steel Panther!

Have you ever spoken to Simon Cowell?

Yes. He called with about 3 hours to go of the Christmas chart and congratulated me on a great campaign (his words!). To be fair he was very pleasant and we talked about the madness of the previous week in the media and how it had become the most memorable Christmas chart race he’d been involved in.

Are you still working in the same day job? How much has this changed your life?

No I’m not! Some of the Facebook ideas used in the Rage campaign I had previously suggested to my then director to use within social media and was rebutted. So I never suggested anything again and used the ideas to get a Twitter No.1 trend and a UK Christmas No.1 single.

Suffice to say I wasn’t really motivated to stay, and once the Christmas thing happened I was fortunate enough to receive quite a few job offers. I joined an ideas company based in Soho and now spend a large chunk of my working life on…Facebook and Twitter! I still DJ here and there, so no change on that front.

Do you know when the Rage Factor DVD is coming out? And if the profits will also go to Shelter?

No I don’t I’m sorry to say. We were fortunate enough to see some of the footage with the band themselves, it looked amazing. I really hope that it gets a release though. It was such an amazing performance that Zack himself claimed it was in the top 5 Rage gigs ever.

I read that you tried getting Rick Astley to number #1 in 2008. Are you glad that one was a failure in hindsight? Do you think the moshpit would have been so intense at his free gig?

Haha! I don’t regret doing that at all. Not only did I learn from my mistakes on that campaign for the Rage thing, but doing ‘Rickroll Xmas’ in 2008 was such a good laugh! We had an absolute blast and it could easily have its own interesting story I can assure you. Rick’s management got behind it as well so glad we did it!

A free Rick gig? Yeah I’d be there for sure!

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