“We’re doing this band for fun and free beer, we aren’t doing it to make a living out of it”.

Muchmoremetal.com recently caught up with Joe McGuigan, who plays bass (and vocals) in Gama Bomb for a bit of a chinwag. Scroll down the page to listen to the first half of the interview from youtube. If you can’t do that, an excerpt of the interview follows below:

What was the idea behind giving away (Squatney Steel album of the year 2009) Tales from the Grave in Space for free?
Doing the free download made us more of an international metal band rather than just a UK band… If we weren’t giving the stuff for free we wouldn’t be making a living out of it either. We are doing this band for fun and free beer…

On Craig Reynolds comments on Muchmoremetal.com that free downloads helped cause Viatrophy’s split:
It’s not that people aren’t interested in the music it’s just that things are evolving. People don’t want to buy CDs anymore…. The format is dying. It is not so much that people are wanting to rob the music it’s just that the music is there for free so why would people want to spend 12 quid…? Our ethos is if people come to our gigs or buy our t-shirts we’re happy enough with them doing that.

How is the physical copy of the album selling?
It’s doing great. It has actually sold more than our last album Citizen Brain so it kind of just goes to prove the point. Doing the free download didn’t affect our sales it boosted them more than anything.

Much more chat can be heard in the audio, (including Joe giving his views on torrenting and touring with Sepultura), so click play below:

Check back tomorrow for part 2 which features the price of their next album, comics, Megadeth artwork, festival survival tips and more!