If you’re reading this in the northern hemisphere, your days are getting shorter and darker and the trees are becoming bare… Here are some reasons not to care about any of that: (Although they’re mostly good things even if you live on the moon)

Dark Tranquillity are playing London next week.
It’s a scandal that a band who’ve done so much to help shape the modern metal sound are playing at such a small venue, but next Tuesday at the Camden Underworld they are going to blow your mind into its iddity bitty component pieces. And if you can’t make it, there’ll be some special stuff about it on Muchmoremetal.com soon afterwards.

The Haunted will begin recording their new album on October 18th (according to their Myspace).
Singer Peter Dolving announced right here on Muchmoremetal.com when work began on the new songs in April, and then they blew us away with their incredible live show in June. Definitely something to look forward to over the winter months.

Sylosis’ new album will be out in the depths of winter.
Jan or Feb 2011 rumour has it. They’ve been previewing tracks such as Sands of Time at their live shows recently, and they are tops (have a look if you don’t believe me). It’ll be interesting to see if there will be any clean singing on the album and, moreover, if Josh is any good at singing tunefully.

Pulled Apart By Horses – High five, swan dive, nose dive.
Not really metal, but it’s been buried deep inside my head for days now. Pleasingly, impossibly, addictive.

Dave Mustaine’s autobiography A Life in Metal.
Now everyone can find out just exactly where the legendary axe-man realised that life is a game, and that the more seriously he took things the harder the rules became.

Pure Negative are a band again.
Having not had a singer since Muchmoremetal.com reviewed them in February, the troupe, which features ex-Labrat and Ted Maul members, have begun recording new tracks with new vocalist “Cleetus Van Damm”. New bassist “Hillion” has joined, and the ultimate in heaviness will be unleashed very soon I’m sure.

The Inbetweeners is back on TV (and online).
Not metal in any way. Damn funny though.

Tesseract‘s new EP is out soon.
The fine Djentlemen release Concealing Fate on October 12th!

The footy season is in full swing again.
You know it’s really here when Arsene Wenger is complaining about tackling, don’t you?