HAARP, the ex-Viatrophy member-including, Sikth-connected band are gonna be big…

Having announced the additions of Mark Lewis on vocals and ex-Viatrophy bassist Gavin Thane, the group have put up the track Esoteric Agenda on their myspace.

It’s pretty heavy death metal stuff, spliced with a bit of proggy, mildly djent-ish riffing and wave of middle eastern sounds for good measure.

I think we’ll just sit back and watch this get massive.

Drummer Craig Reynolds spoke to us about the band (and Viatrophy) a wee while ago, and about how good a song writer Abdullah Al Mu’Min is. It seems that he was right. Read the interview here. (It’s also pretty good).

(The Sikth connection is that Dan ‘Loord’ Foord was the original drummer in the group btw).