Seeing as they were the band that spurred on my initial rant about corporate sponsorship (and then they had a drinks company funded tour) I asked Sylosis to comment about being endorsed by companies.

Bassist Carl Parnell answered my questions:

Did you have any reservations at all about putting a company’s logo on your official merch or stage backdrop?
No not at all, if it’s funded by said company the conditions would include using the logo in some way otherwise why would they offer to fund it to begin with?

Is there something you particularly like about Jager that means you work with them?
Well for a start we all enjoy drinking the stuff, that and the fact we get supplied with a bottle of free Jager for every show we do is awesome. They cover the cost of a batch of merch, backdrop or flight cases. Anything that can display the logo in some way is all they ask.

How much do endorsements like that help out a gigging band in the UK to fund their career?
As I’ve said they help pay for merch, backdrops and gear in general so it can be the difference between a band being able to afford a batch of merch or not when they go out on tour.

It’s a great way of getting extra shirts made if the band are short on funds etc.

Do you, or your management, tend to approach them with the idea to do it or do they ask you?
I’m not sure how it works for every band but we stumbled across the UK rep at Download last year. Our hunger for free Jager and the rep being the nicest guy in the world led to us striking a deal with them.

Has any company asked for any conditions on you using their stuff/logo? (for e.g. not changing your style of music or something like that)
Yeah as expected any merch/backdrops etc they cover they will put the logo on it which is fair enough really. As for changing a style of music that would never be brought up, as long as the band plays in front of a crowd each night and they see the brand they’re happy.