Niklas Sundin from Swedish death metal pioneers and Tom Carson from Jagermeister add their opinions to the discussion about band’s being sponsored by corporations.

Picture: Peter Herneheim

I asked Niklas Sundin, guitarist, Dark Tranquillity about this when I interviewed him in September.

Do you have an opinion about bands who put company endorsements on their merchandise/stage backdrops, e.g. from drinks companies?

Well, this is one consequence of bands getting less and less income from album sales.

Of course it cheapens the artistic impact of a band to be associated with corporations like this – or any brand that’s not affiliated with the music itself – but we’re quickly approaching a point where a lot of bands will be depending on endorsements in order to tour.

I tried to ask Tom Carson, manager, Jägermeister Music UK a few questions about it…

I’m writing an article about how bands make money in ways other than the traditional means, such as endorsements etc. I was wondering if I could talk to someone about Jager’s relationship with bands as I’ve noticed you sponsor a ton of them?

We don’t really have a template for supporting our roster of unsigned and signed bands, it all depends on the band and where they need support and help. Our music programme is totally artist led and our relationship with a band begins from their love of drinking Jagermeister which is why they usually approach us in the first place.

You must have some kind of criteria for taking them though? You wouldn’t just pay anyone to put your logo on their t-shirts/stage backdrops?

The starting point is always the bands love of Jägermeister which is why they get in contact with us. After that we just need to make sure they are a pro-active gigging band who can responsibly and safely promote our brand. We only have a small roster of bands in the UK so need them to be gigging away as we do most of our activity with them when they play live.