This week’s bands to watch in 2011 are telling us what their top 10 albums of 2011 were. First up is HAARP.

Drummer Craig Reynolds (ex-Viatrophy, current Dead Swans) says that these rocked his world in 2010:

10- The Ocean – Heliocentric
9- Watain – Lawless Darkness
8- Electric Wizard – Black Masses
7- High on Fire – Snakes to the Devine
6- Brutality Will Prevail – Root of all Evil
5- Serpents Rise – Serpents Rise
4- Karnivool – Sound Awake
3- Black Breath – Heavy Breathing
2- Hans Zimmer – Inception Soundtrack
1- The Dillinger Escape Plan – Option Paralysis

Craig said:

A lot of people think Dillinger haven’t been the same since Calculating Infinity, and they’d be right, but they’ve got better. Anyone can write pointless, nonsensical Guitar Pro ‘tech’ songs about as musical as a book about centrifugal pumps, but Dillinger’s music is something else. It’s truly progressive in that they continue to push the boundaries yet it’s still MUSIC. It’s a lesson in pop-metal.

There’s hooks, sing alongs, well-thought out rhythms (read: not a snip tool on a riff in cubase), and it’s still heavy as fuck. It’s not Miss Machine. But it’s close.

Experimental prog/death band HAARP are based in London and feature ex-Viatrophy members Gavin Thane and Craig Reynolds, with songs being written by the incredible-metal brain of founder Abdullah Al-Mumin. They are recording their first album early in 2011.

What said about their first track, Esoteric Agenda, last year:

It’s pretty heavy death metal stuff, spliced with a bit of proggy, mildly djent-ish riffing and wave of middle eastern sounds for good measure.

I think we’ll just sit back and watch this get massive.

Check out HAARP’s myspace for more from the band and to listen to Esoteric Agenda.

Read’s confessional review of Option Paralysis here.