Thanks to a re-jig of the WordPress stats pages, I can now present the all time most popular stories on this site. I’ll also point out some of the best which haven’t been as popular.

Most popular posts

I have excluded the home page, and the fact that five out of the top 12 stories are to do with Rage Against the Machine’s free gig last year to bring you this chart of the most viewed stories:

1) Rage Factor-related stories: 1 2 3 4 5
2) Interview with Craig Reynolds of Viatrophy, HAARP.
3) Interview with Peter Dolving of The Haunted, Mary Beats Jane et al.
4) Why there shouldn’t be an official UK Metal Chart.
5) You can be buried in a Jewish cemetery if you have a tattoo.

Actually really good stories
But I’d like to add five other stories which are good reads which probably haven’t had as many hits as they should have:

1) How corporate sponsorship is ruining your favourite band.
2) Interview with Matti Svatizky of Orphaned Land.
3) Interview with Jon Morter of Rage Factor fame.
4) Ten things you shouldn’t do at festivals.
5) There will never be another great UK festival.

Criminally under-viewed
These stories clearly have no SEO value, and so languish almost at the bottom of the all time table of MuchMoreMetal stories, despite not actually being bad:

1) Fan Pics: Orphaned Land at Camden Underworld.
2) Classic Gigs: Hammered at Xmas 2004: Arch Enemy, The Haunted, Dark Tranquillity and Nightrage live in London.
3) Metal-related reasons to be cheerful this Autumn.
4) What happens to a good gig venue once it closes down?
5) Unusual Influences: Prong.