Dave McPherson has recently been speaking about InMe’s new album and playing at Sonisphere…

They have a new – “more melodic, less melancholy” – album out in November which he has given a name to but isn’t announcing yet.

They’ve recorded two songs so far with Mike Curtis of Fei Comodo in Chelmsford, Essex.

Singer/guitarist McPherson has recently been describing all of this and the thrill of playing Sonisphere.

He said that playing at the festival in 2010 gave the band a career boost.

“We went off the radar a bit, and were out of the media. It would have been disheartening if we’d lost everyone.

“It was kind of life affirming because we were playing in a 2,000 capacity tent and it was full up with people still trying to get in. We were clashing with big names like Motley Crue and Gallows, and I would have been happy with 300 people there.”

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InMe play Sonisphere 2011’s Bohemia stage at 2.10pm on Sunday July 10.